Mystic Traveler I-III are "epic" adventure-filled, period metaphysical films filled with taut struggle, romance and amazing special effects; an attractive form for filmgoers. In fact, Mystic Traveler serves three huge audience groups, as 'built-in' audiences: sci-fi, the metaphysical audience, and the epic costume-flick audience.

The films are being produced now in the 21st century for a projected cost of nearly $90 million dollars each. That is only a few million dollars more than Jack Valenti reported as the average cost of a film in 1998, and for films other than the Special Effects films or period-piece Epics.

We feel the budget for the Mystic Traveler film is responsible. It’s made feasible because an independent film company is making the film– a big key– also the industry’s Computer Generated Technology has advanced so well.

We will shoot most all the film’s 'interiors' in a soundstage in a place like Utah (possibly, New Zealand) a nation that has about 25% financial incentives for film makers, where AVATAR was shot. Cameron is making Avatar II-IV there also. Our exteriors can be shot there. In addition, we will incorporate new digital tools for production, meticulous development-pre-production planning, pre-viz; new possibilities and technologies for distribution.

When it is realized that the films will be released over 5 to 7 months apart – making the sequels available to the film-goers after they’ve seen the first chapter -- it will reveal a ‘quadrupling’ of film profitability in our profit centers and in a truly short period of time.

People have wondered “Is there a way to actually increase a film’s profits when released”?  The answer is ‘Yes’. Make one 7-8 hour film, releasing the 4 segments in several months of initial release. 

Since folks know the story already (never seen like this) it's natural to present the films coherently over a time span of something like December to October. No need to wait years to show the "ending". 

Isn't it true, that we all know the ending already? Yet the films, and its closure have never been seen like this. And when they know how unique and different the previous film(s) were, they'll WANT to see how the film will close, as never before.

The old ending of a body on a cross and people crying and moaning - will now be passe'.  The special effects will be frankly, amazing. This is film-medium exhillaration.

Many realize that Jim Cameron’s 2nd most profitable movie of all time, "Titanic" was made successful because young women and girls went to see the film repeatedly. There was something in the film that captured the feminine imagination.

Mystic Traveler has a similar substance and tone. This film could be said to be the Jesus story from the feminine point of view. His relationship with his mother Mary is so close, his sisters too; the young Princess he saves from drowning that he befriended; and we get to see his kindness with Tera the indian lass. All the women in his disciple-group reveal him  as a unique expression of male and female honoring, and equal respect.

The women in our films frame Jesus perhaps more than any other element except for the interior relation experienced with infinite awareness.

We feel that this unique compassioned feminine viewpoint of him, and this Telling will strengthen the success and profitability of our films. Moms and wives 'take' their kids or family to films often anyway.

This is not an R rated film like Passion, but G, PG or PG-13 - very good for all ages. His personal appeal is especially true when placed next to his incredible power, love and charismatic energy, which seem to have been lost or missing from other Jesus films in the past.  They were in fact...DRY. 

Our stunning Special Effects will also add to persona.

The profitability of broadcast media over many years can be powerful when analyzing profit making. Several years after theatrical release our films will be shown all year long on television – cable movie channels, cable TV stations, and network TV, etc..  We will pre-empt them all, with a specially constructed Mini-series in the beginning of year three of our film life, owning American TV sets for a few weeks, night after night.

Consider also the well-known fact that TV is the greatest Profit center for movies over all others, as decades of movie presentations on network or cable, make tremendous income. Annually televising Mystic Traveler at Holiday times makes good sense.  It’s easily understood that network, cable, movie channels, might annually air the Mystic Traveler films during these seasons. Our films may join “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Ben-Hur” or the ‘Ten Commandment’ films on appropriate holidays, for many decades to come. 

In short, Broadcast profits should be special for Mystic Traveler. When our income potential is compared to the remarkable profitability of Passion we can see that the opportunity for a Christ-centered epic/ period-piece/ special-effect film, to have tremendous international appeal is quite real. This is particularly true releasing 4 films.

And in our way if we add harmony in the world’s collective psyche during troubled times, which is one purpose within a humanitarian objective, it could be an added benefit. When many millions of people across the globe feel a similar simultaneous inspiration, it may help.  A 21st century populace deserves a quintessential presentation regarding humanity’s real and timeless Brotherhood.

Finally please note that in 2+ years when the film's released, showings on I-Pods, cell-phones, in-car Video Screens and many other marvelous unknown profit niches will have emerged as ways for our partners, our film company, and our foundation to make greater profits. 

And, because we are an independent film maker, we can hold our costs to a standard established 15 years ago; And our profit potential has and will continue to increase far in excess of the old averages, which were profitable only in the old ways. Our profits have newness to them. 

Partnering and Profit Ownership are available for all interested, concerned parties. We look forward to this most exciting journey that is Mystic Traveler.


Every once in a while, a movie comes a long that seems to change everything...

Mystic Traveler is an inspiring hero-story of the most famous person in world history. PREPARE TO BE ASTOUNDED.

Mystic Traveler quadrilogy is 4 full-length feature films that change everything. This is a stunning concept in film making and
film marketing. It's a science fiction hero-adventure, with metaphysical themes, set in a timeless earth-based historical epic.

People going to an epic-saga wish to see rich, expansive stories in high adventure, love, transformation, mystery, intrigue, and
especially the magic of the paranormal. We have journeys, romance, extraterrestrial struggle, the death and resurrection of heroes,
and the eternal battle man has with his own self. It's an archetypal adventure - a universal, heart-level Hero Story.

Mystic Traveler has galactic feelings like Star Wars and Avatar, the grandeur and spectacle of Lord of the Rings, and the gritty reality of Gladiator.

Just as "The Force" in Star Wars captivated audiences worldwide, our films will take us to places we've rarely ever seen, the inside
of consciousness: to "The Presence." Are you ready?

We believe this Mystic quadrilogy is the most authentic presentation of Jesus' lifetime in entertainment history. The audience will get the rich texture of his full life. We'll see his heroic presence pass through high adventure in these 4 stunning movies, bathed in astounding special effects and in mysteries of consciousness.


Ever hear of Jesus' lost missing years? Those are years between his birth and age 30, of which we know almost nothing. At about 30 he
began teaching, healing and performing miracles which transcended time and space, second to none in history. Why, when, and how
did Jesus remarkable power develop?