What we can say about these films is... they had a built-in audience.

This is always a complementary and incredible Key to profitabilty. We have 3 built in audiences here, as well, with our 4 Mystic Traveler films. They are the metaphysical Christian audience, the Sci-fi, and the Epic saga costume-flick audience.

'Star Wars - the Force Awakens' is the greatest most successful film example in history, of building on the past success of predecessor film. It is off to a multi- billion dollar record over a few years time. Disney and
JJ Abrams did it right.

AND they had multi-generational audiences, as we do too, to make high profit.

As the "Hobbit" films are an example of a 'built-in' audience following success in Lord of the Rings. Spiderman II, Superman, Batman, as well.

Mystic Traveler I-III have 75 years of Christ films to build on top of.

Matrix Reloaded and "Star Wars–Attack of the Clones" were released on 5,000 -8,000 screens because, when a built-in audience is there, you capitalize.

The previous "Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith" was released on 9,000 screens, making $154M in the first Four days.

In the past a 4,000 screen-release was outstanding. Before that, 2,000 to 3,000 screens was the standard for a major release.

Since the advent of the multiplex however, films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park and the films named above have often seen profits soaring into the stratosphere of $250 million to near $400 million in just 5 to 7 weeks. This is conspicuous profit making in a short period of time and ... it is just U.S. revenue (before the film goes to the rest of the world).

Although it’s been a well-known rule of thumb, till recently, that the rest of the world’s profits very often equal US revenue. Recently we’ve seen the rest of the world’s income surpassing U.S. revenue streams on several films such as,Troy, Last Samurai and Alexander – each of them ‘world-stories’.

As more country’s film industries grow and their film-goers increase the rest of the world’s profits becomes a significant area on which to focus. 

So, make a 21st century quintessential film of an archetypal world-story, and you win. And as has been proven once again, in the previous years' recessions, film entertainment is not only recession-proof but it is where people go, to escape.

With the wondrous success of 'The Bible' miniseries a few years back, from Mark Burnett & Roma Downey, on the History Channel, we can see Built-In-Audiences are rather Hungry as well. They are found, and ready.

The Bible films 'Noah' starring Russel Crowe made big money quickly, and 'Heaven is For Real', 'God's Not Dead' and the new remakes on the 'Ten Commandments' gave us the awareness that Hollywood has 'rediscovered' this large market-niche, after decades ignoring it.

So when the marketing pros in MysticTraveler along with our ad campaign Theatrical Trailers & Cast Interviews will all inform the public we're releasing the films within several months of each other - it will become a media and film making EVENT. It'll BE a 1st...historic concept.

This release concept should actually improve marketing. It will create an inertia and momentum for people to go a few days or few weeks later, to see the next chapter. It'll even create repeat ticket sale-benefits like never before. Friends and family will take each other to see the previous one or new one.

It can actually increase the number of ticket sales sold (w/ films employing the strategy). It’s quite a concept. AND... it's a FIRST...

Mystic Traveler knows it has a built-in audience and we'll also engage as many screens as possible. Passion of The Christ (in a similar vein) in just 9 weeks of initial release, made near $375 million dollars; making money faster then, than any film in history, also putting it then, in the top six movies of all time. 'The Bible' Miniseries is an oustanding example of profitability .. and an audience, finding each other.

Passion’s DVD release in September 04 garnered over $250 million dollars in 2 week’s time. Imagine if Passion had had a sequel. What would the films have garnered together with that audience “having a sequel to appreciate”? To date that film Passion (rated R) has approached a billion worldwide.

This is very encouraging to us as we have a similar character to share – yet in an entirely different, inspiring and an epic, historic sci-fi presentation.

By making 4 films -- releasing sequels over a few months we’ll compound our revenue rapidly. Passion’s success proves there’s a vast group of film goers hungry for metaphysical material in their film going.

It was 'The Force' in Star Wars that really captured people’s imagination.
Often people do not realize that Star Wars was a 'Metaphysical film' as is Avatar. Both have timeless spiritual themes and principles - even the deity named Eywah in Avatar, is reminiscent of the famous Yahweh of our own religious history. And even the newest quantum science is often shared in these films. The audience gets it after 50 years of Star Trek movies/TV.

It is one of Hollywood’s unwritten rules, “use archetypal themes” in film making — they sell. It’s also why we see so many new TV programs with special powers and knowledge present in a character.

We like gifted and 'supermen'. We like the paranormal, & good good guys with bad bad guys. 

Good and Evil, dark and light, impossible challenges, poetry of ascending the 'insurmountable' and rising to unknown capabilities, excites all of us. This is exactly why big thematic films, with wide cinescope panvistas are loved for their grandeur -- ordinary films are just in the streets.  When the image and sound & music is large..and grand, with metaphysical themes and special powers or qualities in the characters- like Jedi knights, the audieces just SEEK THOSE FILMS OUT.

Approximately 175 US million folks are churchgoing, while 240 million call themselves 'religious' or Christian.  These people and regular movie-goers as well, have presented their case to the industry with this commercial success – “make movies for us too.” 

Our intention is to serve this metaphysically excited film-marketplace – a truly built in audience.

Yet as you’ll read in the coming pages Mystic Traveler is a world-story, where lands on many continents are visited and philosophies are shared there or referred to.

Placed in a context next to His pure teaching, we appreciate his elevated concepts and principles even more. And as unique as it may sound Mystic Traveler is 'Not Religious'– far FROM it. It relates his wisdom to 'daily life' 'Living, and relationships' in a harmonious contiuum of peaceful being. And all throughout its entertaining, with so many special effexts & powers and abilities blossoming, presented always with inherent logic, for WHY it's true, as well.  It all makes sense.

It’s a preeminant depiction of the archetypal hero-story that could be true any where, in any galaxy..far far away. It just happens to be fully familiar to our populace .. worldwide, as no other individual or story Is. HE is the most famous person in world history. 

In making Mystic Traveler we not only capitalize on the sci-fi film-genre for the Christian market creating tremendous profits in a proven motif (that regularly out-performs all other genres) but we also create a doubling effect in profits.

We do this by releasing the sequels when most film goers have seen the first chapter. The Mystic Traveler films are effect-laden adventures in space-time and consciousness.

They’re in galactic settings--cosmic parameters--truly films in the tradition of Hollywood’s most elevated mainstream successes. 

We just absorb them with wide eyes.

Adding Mystic Traveler to the list of Hollywood’s epic film adventures where the film’s promise is actually commensurate with the audience’s expectation our intent...and That is our expectation.

Our unique approach to film-release may even create new formats for filmmaking in the future. 

This "give all the chapters now" idea, may become the new thing
in presenting your story.

Every once in a while, a movie comes a long that seems to change everything...

Mystic Traveler is an inspiring hero-story of the most famous person in world history. PREPARE TO BE ASTOUNDED.

Mystic Traveler quadrilogy is 4 full-length feature films that change everything. This is a stunning concept in film making and
film marketing. It's a science fiction hero-adventure, with metaphysical themes, set in a timeless earth-based historical epic.

People going to an epic-saga wish to see rich, expansive stories in high adventure, love, transformation, mystery, intrigue, and
especially the magic of the paranormal. We have journeys, romance, extraterrestrial struggle, the death and resurrection of heroes,
and the eternal battle man has with his own self. It's an archetypal adventure - a universal, heart-level Hero Story.

Mystic Traveler has galactic feelings like Star Wars and Avatar, the grandeur and spectacle of Lord of the Rings, and the gritty reality of Gladiator.

Just as "The Force" in Star Wars captivated audiences worldwide, our films will take us to places we've rarely ever seen, the inside
of consciousness: to "The Presence." Are you ready?

We believe this Mystic quadrilogy is the most authentic presentation of Jesus' lifetime in entertainment history. The audience will get the rich texture of his full life. We'll see his heroic presence pass through high adventure in these 4 stunning movies, bathed in astounding special effects and in mysteries of consciousness.


Ever hear of Jesus' lost missing years? Those are years between his birth and age 30, of which we know almost nothing. At about 30 he
began teaching, healing and performing miracles which transcended time and space, second to none in history. Why, when, and how
did Jesus remarkable power develop?