We have all heard of "The Hero Story" as a device in entertainment and in literature.  It is the back bone of so many movies, novels, books, the Bible, Samson, David, Hercules, James Bond, it is endless. Now the Hero format is being granted to and created on the consummate persona in history.

In the recent past Hollywood re-discovered that metaphysical and spirtually atttuned films are proven to be popular, and successful financially. They now realize that that audience is not only there, but it's hungry; as well as large. It was basically untapped for many decades till just a few years ago. We have lined up all collateral already - and we are ready to dedicate it profitably.

Mystic Traveler is all about exciting the 10 to 25 year-old film marketplace, but other ages too will love it; in offering the audience a quadrilogy on Christ's entire life- including the 'missing years'. If you just read this story, you will be 'swept up'.

People in all countries know of Jesus and his world altering story. Now they'll see the most dramatic legendary vision ever. It's the Hero story version. This is not your grand father's Jesus-Film.

Mystic Traveler is a labor of love, but it was written for these audiences to satisfy their longing. This will fulfill that hunger with deep satisfaction. And then, bringing it all to them within one year's time, will be a rare offer. Seeing the trilogy in 'year 1' is special. Most of us already know the ending, but not the first two film stories in our trilogy on the missing years from birth to 30,

When the quadrilogy is wrapped up in only many months instead of many years, it achieves tremendous box-office as they follow the new and fascinating story, and then...they will get to enjoy its music, books, jackets and other associated products, all within the same year. It will give them a special incentive and a time to enjoy the long-awaited treat.

Then just 2 years later after release, just after the movie channels like HBO have had the film for a year to themselves, we will place it in a pre-emptively marketed national two week mini-series on Network TV to capture the few hundred million TV viewers who are not really film goers, so they can see Mystic Traveler up close and personal. We will simply edit it for commercials.

When OUR film presents his portrayal in an incredible heroic vision - in the 'Hero-story form" - we will excite and satisfy our audience like they have never been before.  This is not the same dry slow moving vison where everyone is dressed in beige burlap sacks.  

This is more a literary masterpiece graced with kinetic energy, adventure,
love, tenderness, drama, painful depth, great characters, having true gravitas. The special effects in this world-story-adventure will be for the most powerful person in history - earth's most famous person.  The film here rises to the level of film-presentation that the story and Christ finally deserve.

People will sit back in their chair to luxuriate in the elevated and expansive production finally doing it justice (in its story, its music and its visuals). And when it is faithful to the biblical historic record, inclusive of Old Testament flashbacks, the interested faithful for that telling, will be very pleased indeed.

The quadrilogy is in fact written by a biblical scholar-minister, who came from an entertainment family, in a long line of writers, directors and producers.

Our Milky Way galaxy is the starting point of the film. The Cosmos and its history are a background. The film begins in a near future yet travels back to 1000 BC. At one point we see the Big Bang- witnessing the birth of energy
and cosmic creative expression, expanding to a starting point for the cosmos. The epi-phenomenon of our personal consciousness is presented as a tapestry giving life to this universal-experience.

This is modern film making for the heart - at its leading edge digital best.

When four films are made simultaneously, savings exceed 35% of budget.

$360 million, at nearly $90 million each, goes farther in making 4 epic films.  Our writer, author of 6 worldwide published historical, physics-metaphysics books utilizes real events, with 'historic' veracity within the film's storylines.

The inspiration the film-story brings and the feel-good lift it delivers have only a few counterparts in films past. With the 9/11 wound in the psyche and mid east international violence seemingly ever-present, we need the images and feelings that this film provides for for our world, as a sort of heart-salve. 

Our filmmakers will answer the question that has been like a grail-quest for years in filmmaking: How can you assure yourself a larger profit Now when releasing a film?  Is there a way to double your profit?  We believe we have the answer. Of course it takes having a Mystic Traveler to make that claim.

This is not your standard cop-buddy film. Nor is it a run-of-the-mill comedy, or teen-farce. It’s high-concept epic filmmaking. It’s a sci-fi quadrilogy with worldwide even galactic borders. It takes the time to have a pleasing purpose. Its mission is to exhilarate audiences everywhere.  How are we facilitating this?

First we create Mystic Traveler's segments simultaneously. Like the Lord of the Rings trilogy kept all the cast and crew in one place for a time, we save money on each, creating the production schedule just once – with the highest quality available to filmmakers. The production values will be upper echelon. The acting, directing, producing will be at the best level of creativity because our committed filmmakers are engaged in a multi-year labor of Love - a labor that will please everyone else too.

Essentially EACH detail has been thought out already, within the creative development process. Production parameters & philosophy are well grounded in reality - while being incredibly well conceived.

We’ll use efficacious filmmaking strategies and locations too, along with the
technologies that will make our budget as reasonable as possible without sacrificing quality.

We'll most likely shoot in Utah, or maybe New Zealand where they have large incentives for film makers. The 25 cents (25%) tax-rebates-finance incentives and grant-reimbursement returned on each dollar spent makes a contribution to our budget of powerful significance.

With $360 million-dollars to make 4 films, 4 soundtracks, 4 Video-Albums and 4 Novels and books, we even look reasonable (compared to today’s studio film-budgets). The $360 million budget also includes funds for some very special ads. Possibly, plans for about $120 million (30 million each) for P&A (Prints & Ads) for the 3 films may be paid from the Producer's budget side.

When additional funds comes from government rebates in 'anyway' & is added to this base budget, it makes our film making capabilities quite special, and.. it can assist paying return on a loan, etc.. By adding our own Prints and Ads budget we can make more earming over many decades.

Many films in the Studio system where costs spiral have film budget scenarios in excess of OUR film budget - sufficient to make 4 films. For example just one Avatar cost much more. Also the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the last two Matrix films were made side-by-side at once 'down under' and the studios spent over $300 million in each case (20 years ago). Our budget NOW at 360 million for 4, is downright efficient.

With our new movie 'Video Music Albums' not seen before, and our coffee-table Top Photo-Journal of these epic films (with screenplays included) we'll also create new profit centers never seen before in our industry. One thing can be said about Mystic Traveler -- is it’s all about remarkable profit making (having over 31 profit centers) and a quadrupling of profits in almost ALL areas.

Also, with our long-term cohesive relationships, we have intentions with good  names in Casting for the for many years; and our Pachaging Entertainment counsel is known by everyone; and famous in Music entertainment, Packaging agency Executives, Special Effects 3-D also Production design.The attachments will begin work with the arrival of our available finance.

We're very well prepared. Looking for partners, collateral can be organized if required, ready for dedication. We look forward to creating together.


Every once in a while, a movie comes a long that seems to change everything...

Mystic Traveler is an inspiring hero-story of the most famous person in world history. PREPARE TO BE ASTOUNDED.

Mystic Traveler quadrilogy is 4 full-length feature films that change everything. This is a stunning concept in film making and
film marketing. It's a science fiction hero-adventure, with metaphysical themes, set in a timeless earth-based historical epic.

People going to an epic-saga wish to see rich, expansive stories in high adventure, love, transformation, mystery, intrigue, and
especially the magic of the paranormal. We have journeys, romance, extraterrestrial struggle, the death and resurrection of heroes,
and the eternal battle man has with his own self. It's an archetypal adventure - a universal, heart-level Hero Story.

Mystic Traveler has galactic feelings like Star Wars and Avatar, the grandeur and spectacle of Lord of the Rings, and the gritty reality of Gladiator.

Just as "The Force" in Star Wars captivated audiences worldwide, our films will take us to places we've rarely ever seen, the inside
of consciousness: to "The Presence." Are you ready?

We believe this Mystic quadrilogy is the most authentic presentation of Jesus' lifetime in entertainment history. The audience will get the rich texture of his full life. We'll see his heroic presence pass through high adventure in these 4 stunning movies, bathed in astounding special effects and in mysteries of consciousness.


Ever hear of Jesus' lost missing years? Those are years between his birth and age 30, of which we know almost nothing. At about 30 he
began teaching, healing and performing miracles which transcended time and space, second to none in history. Why, when, and how
did Jesus remarkable power develop?